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Voted best Escape Game in the Centre Loire valley region in France in 2017, 2019 and 2020 and with 8 years of experience in the gaming world, Escape Time supports you in your process, from simple advice to the creation of your puzzles, up to the partner contract or franchise! We offer turnkey solutions to open your Escape Time agency in just a few months both in France and abroad. To join the Escape Time adventure, contact us and we will study your project together.
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With the creation option, Escape Time FACTORY, a French company specializing in the creation, decoration, sound designdevelopment and setting-up of escape games, provides you with everything you need. We will be able to integrate a room into the space that you want while respecting the location and whatever your constraints : a tailor-made scenario, the complete list of puzzles, the links to buy the objects, the list of required equipment, training sessions, etc.

Do you want to promote a particular location? Think about the escape game and contact us!

Escape Time is also puzzles creator for:

Forteresse de ChinonChâteau de Blois - Guet-apens royal - Avril 2018Illiers-Combray - La lanterne magiqueMoulin des Aigremonts

PARTNER option

Become an Escape Time partner and get everything you need to start your escape game business! Website, imagery, booking module, puzzles catalogue... everything you will need to open your own Escape Time brand with the assistance and advice of our agents at every step!

Escape Time invests daily in improving its tools in order to offer the best to its partners.

Our catalogue

Here is the list of puzzles created by Escape Time. They of course can be adjusted to each agency depending on their atmosphere, their environment and any other request. As part of the PARTNER option, Escape Time supports new agencies in the setting-up of their puzzles from decoration to installation and provides a complete “checklist”.

Please note that the difficulty levels are given as an indication and will be adjusted according to your needs.


Lost in the deep

In distress at the bottom of the oceans, your choices will be decisive…
Difficulty level: difficulte 3
ABYSS, lost in the deep

AlphaCasino logo trans

Burgle Agent Alpha’s clandestine casino…
Difficulty level: difficulte 3
Alpha Casino - Roulette


Travel to the edge of space guided by a mysterious signal…
Difficulty level: difficulte 3,5
Andromède - vaisseau


Have control over your adventure and rescue Agent Alpha…
Difficulty level: difficulte 3
Archeon - Vincent Lenoir

Escape Circus

Help the agency find Agent Alpha's accomplice who is hiding among the members of a circus troupe in 1932.
Difficulty level: difficulte 3
Escape Circus

The prison yard

Use extra discretion, follow the instructions and escape!
Difficulty level: difficulte 3
La cour des condamnés - barbelés

S.I.B.E.R.I.A. bunker

A first group is stuck in 1966 in a Russian bunker and tries to communicate with a second group present in the agency in our time. A unique and clever “cooperation” mode where the actions of some influence those of others.

Difficulty level: difficulte 4
le bunker SIBERIA

The Aubépine sisters’ cemetery

Explore the Aubépine sisters’ cemetery to discover the mystery behind a disturbing message.
Difficulty level: difficulte 3
ABYSS, lost in the deep

The sacred Heart

Transport yourself to the Middle Ages in search of the sacred heart of Jehan de Dunois, the bastard of Orléans.

Difficulty level: difficulte 2
Le cœur sacré de Jehan de Dunois

Le dernier étage

Empruntez l'ascenseur 33 avec une étrange malette laissée par Vincent Lenoir. Cette ascension sera peut-être la dernière…

Difficulty level: difficulte 3
Le dernier étage

The Aubépine sisters’ manor

A haunted manor of more than 80 m² tested and approved by the media. With nearly 50,000 views on YouTube, the Aubépine sisters' manor has established itself as a reference in the world of escape games in France

Difficulty level: difficulte 2
Le manoir des sœurs Aubépine

The Silver Express

A prestigious American train in 1890. An phenomenal adventure in the era of the far west aboard a train that threatens to derail at any moment!

Difficulty level: difficulte 2
Le Silver Express

The parallel appartments

A competition in 2043. A unique concept in France, we offer two teams the opportunity to compete face-to-face in two perfectly identical rooms, separated by a large soundproof window.

Difficulty level: difficulte 3
Les appartements parallèles

The castaways of the Black Storm

Can you reveal the secret kept by the Black Storm crew?
Difficulty level: difficulte 4
Les naufragés du Black Storm

Voyagez au XIIIe siècle et libérer l'un de vos coéquipiés capturé par un seigneur sanguinaire avant qu'il ne passe sur le billot.

Difficulty level: difficulte 2
Mission Tokyo

Prevent a transaction between Agent Alpha and the Yakuza.

Difficulty level: difficulte 3
Mission Tokyo


Dive into the world of spirits to stop Vincent Lenoir!
Difficulty level: difficulte 2
Morpheum - Buste


Be the first to control time. Beware of your enemies…
Difficulty level: difficulte 4
Origin - Bureau

OMEGA project

Go undercover into the memories of Arthur LENOIR.
Difficulty level: difficulte 3
Projet OMEGA - Temple maya

Sunhill Hotel***

Welcome to 1957, to Oregon's most famous hotel!
Difficulty level: difficulte 3
Projet OMEGA - Temple maya

Super Alpha World

Immerse yourself in 1987 in an arcade room and try to unravel the mystery of a famous video game.
Difficulty level: difficulte 2
Super Alpha World

Time Lab

Make the right choices to survive an invasion of infected. In this adventure you will not have to escape as quickly as possible but to hold on as long as possible!
Difficulty level: difficulte 4
Time Lab